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Witnessing the British Open Golf Tournament

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British Open Golf Tours

Do you dream of someday attending the British open golf tournament? If you consider yourself an avid golf enthusiasts then witnessing such a tournament is surely at the top of your wish list.

The British open which many simply refer to as “The Open” or the “Open Championship” is one of the most anticipated golfing events in the world. As the oldest of the 4 professional golf championships, it is the only major championship found outside the US. The 3rd major event in a year; it is held after the Masters and the US Open tournament preceding the PGA Championship. This years British Open is slated to start on July 16 to 19, 2015 at the St Andrews Old Course.

British Open golf packages

If you wish to see the British Open then you’d know the challenges are similar to that of seeing just about any major golf championship. In addition to the cost, you’d have to make travel and accommodation arrangements, not to mention lining up to purchase the tickets yourself. For many people, these arrangements can be quite a hassle and if this is something that you’d like to avoid then signing up for golf tours or golf packages can certainly be the answer.

We at Teed Up Golf Tours can help you with everything that you need to make your golf trip truly memorable. Call us today on +61 (2) 8458 9000 and tick off your wish list, to see the British Open Golf tournament this year.

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