What Sets Our Master’s Golf Tours Apart

We know that you may be considering a few different options for a US Masters Golf tour, and we may only be one of them. That’s all right, because we’re confident that you’ll love our tours. Just check out or testimonials page or simply read on to find out what sets our Masters Golf tours apart. Hint: it’s the unique opportunities our tours provide you with.

We get you in on the action

A spot on one of our Masters tours will make you a firsthand witness to one of the year’s biggest golf tournaments. You’ll see everything: the Tuesday practice round, the Wednesday Par 3 Tournament, and the big-ticket items — the Friday and Sunday Tournaments rounds. That means you’ll be able to witness every move made by today’s greatest golfers. If you’re observant, you could even learn something watching their warmups and getting a close-up look at their techniques on the course.

You won’t just be watching intense golfing, ether. With Teed Up, you’ll get to play a few rounds of golf at some of the world’s greatest courses, including several at the Pinehurst Resort and a round at the Reserve Golf Club. Our 11-day golf tour packages include the opportunity to play five rounds at Pinehearst, including courses number two, four, and eight. We have a lot to offer on our tours, so you should take a look at what we have planned for the 2015 US Masters.

We cut no corners

You’ll enjoy every minute on and off the golf course. During our 11-day-long tour package, you’ll be hosted for four days and three nights at the Carolina Hotel in Pinehurst Village, a stone’s throw away from the Pinehurst Resort. Not only will you be right next to the amazing courses you’ll be playing on, you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous setting in your down time, too.

Everything, including accommodations, transportation, and reserving rounds of golf is handled by us so that once you arrive at the Pinehurst Golf Resort, you don’t have to worry about scheduling your rounds or sorting out scheduling for the rest of your time. We know South Carolina as well as the natives, especially Augusta, Georgia and Aiken, so if you want to find a great restaurant, a fun bar or a quiet, beautiful place to relax and enjoy the scenery while you’re off the course, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction. We can arrange for transport, too.

We’ve been running US Masters tours for years, so our insider knowledge will help make sure you never waste a moment during your tour. We’ll have everything taken care of so that you can get right on to watching the tournament, playing on the green and enjoying the company of your family or friends—you’re on holiday and shouldn’t have to do any work. We may not be the only ones in Australia leading golf tours for the 2015 US Masters, but our clients tell us we’re the best.

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