US Masters: Where Golf Legends Are Born

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Tiger Woods. Adam Scott. Jack Nicklaus. Arnold Palmer. All legends of golf, and all US Masters champions with the green jacket to show for it.

For every pro who’s ever dreamed about making it to the big time, the US Masters is the culmination of decades of hard work, determination and grit. To make it here, you need to be the best. It’s broken the hearts of many, and it’s also turned some of the world’s greatest golfers into sporting legends.

Dating back to 1934, the tournament is steeped in history and magical moments. Who could forget Phil Mickelson finally breaking his Masters duck by sinking a 20-foot putt in 2004? Or Tiger Woods introducing himself on the world stage in 1997, obliterating the competition by 12 strokes, and only a year after turning pro.

It may be one of four majors championships played out every calendar year, but the US Masters is regarded by many to be the most exciting. Taking place in the first full week of April at the world-famous Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, fans and pros alike flock to see the world’s best golfers battle it out for the multimillion-dollar prize pool.

Getting to the US Masters is every budding golfer’s dream. But watching it live on the hallowed turf of Augusta where legends of past and present have played should be on every fan’s bucket list.

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2020 US Masters Tour Packages

7th APRIL – 16TH APRIL, 2020. Click here for more details.

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2019 US Masters Golf Tours

5th APRIL – 15th APRIL 2019

Past Winners

patrick reed


Patrick Reed

Golf Winner

sergio garcia


Sergio García

Golf Winner

danny willett


Danny Willett

Golf Winner

Fun Facts

“Amen Corner” – “Amen Corner” was first used by Herbert Warren Wind in his April 21, 1958. In a Golf Digest article in April 1984, 26 years later, Wind told about its origin. He said he wanted a catchy phrase to explain where some of the most exciting golf had taken place. Over the years the 11th, 12th Hole & 13th holes have served up exciting twists – one only has to go back to a few years to the 2016 Masters when Jordan Spieth going into Amen Corner had a 5 shot lead only to loose it with a bogey on the 11th and the infamous quadruple bogey on the 12th to loose all hopes of winning that year.

The Green Jacket – Only members and winners are given the Famous Green Jacket. Winners are only allowed to take the jacket with them for the first 12months after winning, thereafter it needs to be retuned and kept at Augusta. The only Green Jacket that was never been returned was Gary Player’s who came up with every excuse in the book not to return it and was eventually allowed to keep it in his golfing Museum in South Africa.

Augusta’s Membership – Augusta membership is by invitation only and is limited to roughly 300 members at any given time. Women were only allowed to join as members and enter the clubhouse in 2012, with the first women member being Condoleezza Rice the former US secretary of State.

First Aussie to Win the Masters – Adam Scott became the first Australian to win the Masters in in 2013 breaking Australia’s long run, this was Scott’s first major win.

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