I had heard about the Masters Tour and I was not disappointed – I had a wonderful time. From arriving in Charlotte, travelling to Pinehurst, what a place. This place is what memories are made of and place that you will not forget. Aiken, what a nice town, just the right place to call a base. The accommodation at the Carriage House was faultless. Augusta, a place you will never forget!! You hear about places that are said to be perfect, well Augusta is perfect from the time you walk in the gates and you look at the practice area to walking onto the first fairway. You have to pinch yourself to confirm that this is not a dream. Then all the players start to play their practice rounds, the par 3 comp, then come out to play for real on Thursday. You cannot understand how close you can get to the players on all days. Attending the Masters on the Friday and Sunday is unforgettable. The question I keep asking people is; “where were you when Adam Scott won the Masters?” Their answer is watching it on TV, my answer – “Why I was at Augusta!!” I told my wife that the tour was so good that I would not hesitate in going again!!! Well done Mosh & Bede.

Phil Bockos