Initially it was a little daunting to book, and pay for, a big golf tour like the British Open 2012 with a tour operator that I have never heard of (saw the ad in a magazine, and none of my friends had heard about Teed Up Golf). However, a very friendly and efficient service during the preparation faze (particularly loved the book about the history of British Open courses) reassured me, and once I landed in Edinburgh, I was certainly not disappointed!! Great hotels, ever better courses and Moshi was excellent at making sure everything was running according to schedule. It was clear to see that this wasn’t the first tour that Teed Up Golf had arranged! Being a “single” I was interested to see how the social side of the golf trip would unfold. Also on this point I was positively surprised. We had a couple of meals/drinks in the evenings where everybody participated to make sure nobody was left out. So it only took a couple of days before everyone kind of knew one another. Overall, I can highly recommend this tour!!

Jan Klockmann