Going to the Masters surpasses any other golf or sporting experience by a mile. It’s a must for any keen golfer. Everything about it is incredible from the security staff, food options, condition of the golf course, atmosphere, quality of golf, spectator viewing options and of course the excitement of the last day. Going to the Masters with Teed Up is the only way to experience the Masters. Every possible detail is considered. It’s a great social occasion as well with organised drinks every night (if you like) and you meet some great people along the way. Local Teed Up staff on the ground during Masters Week were incredibly helpful. Any variation to plan (like going to the Masters early) was easily accommodated and they were on call 24 hours a day. The stay at Pinehurst before the Masters is incredible as well. What a place! Teed Up also arranged a side trip to Pebble Beach for us after the Masters. Again, every detail was taken care of. The whole experience is enhanced by the tour operators Mike and Bede. Everything is superbly organised, but the tour manages to have a relaxed feel about it. We didn’t feel like we had to rush anywhere and there was plenty of opportunity to do your own thing if we desired. It was the trip of a life time and I can’t wait to come back with Teed Up.

Damian McCarthy