Testimonial 60

Teed Up have been excellent organisers of the Masters 2013 – even down to organising an historic result! Well done Scotty! The thing that I appreciate most about Teed Up is that they do what they say they will. Things are well organised and happen in accordance with that plan. The Masters is such an iconic event that being part of it is a “lifetime memory”. Nothing prepares you for the absolutely wonderful vista that is Augusta National. Never will you attend an event that is so outstandingly well organised with every possible consideration being addressed. When you walk onto the property after you enter, everywhere you look, you see absolute quality. First it is the most amazing practice facilities that you are ever likely to see (and then you hear that it is only used during Masters week – the Members have their own practice area). Next you approach the first fairway about 100 metres down from the tee. It is hard to believe that it is a fairway, so pure is the turf and how tight the lie is. It is impossible to comprehend a bad lie – and it is so green! That is the most commanding memory, the quality of the turf, the lack of weeds and the attention to detail. Of course having access to plenty of capital means that innovation exists everywhere. The greens all have pipes running through them so they can circulate cold or hot water to ensure optimum growing conditions, the vacuum pumps under each green that takes water away from the surfaces of the greens (we actually heard these working on the final day). And so it goes everywhere you look. The Clubhouse is impeccable, the Cabins are just so impressive, the Par 3 course is stunning and then of course as you walk the course, the undulations of the fairways, the structure of the bunkers, the flowering azaleas and dogwood trees and then the beauty of those holes we all know from TV – 11 (all 505yds of it and a par 4), 12, 13, 15 and 16 (my favourite, it is just a spectacular hole with the colourful crowds enveloping the hole). Of course, the finishing hole is such a challenge….uphill, through a shoot and big bunkers waiting for you. Add to all of this, the memory of seeing Scotty sink his putt on 18 and “that celebration” only to have to do it all again! Then of course to actually see the ball go in the hole on No 10 when an Aussie wins the Masters for the first time. I’m still pinching myself to confirm that I was there!

  • By : adminvine