Testimonial 108

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole travel/golfing experience. Nothing was too much trouble. The team at Teed Up Golf took care of everything. Teed Up Golf was always around but not always noticed. Serious golfers, non-golfers, couples and singles were all made to feel special. For us this trip was what we would call ‘the golfing experience of a lifetime’. A must do for any golfer willing to take “time-out” and spend whatever it takes to experience playing at Pinehurst, Pebble Beach and other wonderful courses. The highlight was walking the amazing Augusta course along with the greatest golfers in the world. We just can’t comprehend in our minds that we have actually been to the Masters at Augusta. Testament to this is that we experience many visual replays every day and offer the experiences we had to our many golfing friends.

  • By : adminvine