South Africa is the Destination for the World’s Toughest, Most Incredible Golf Experience

There is a challenge waiting for you in South Africa that has tested golf greats and celebrities alike which you must take a swing at.

Designed for Champions by Champions

At the Legend Golf and Safari Resort in the Entabeni Safari Conservatory, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Johannesburg, is the par 3 hole known as the “Extreme 19th.” The spectacular golf course was designed by several former major winners such as Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Padraig Harrington, and Ryder Cup Legend Colin Montgomerie.

Harrington himself made history by becoming the first player to ever score a three at the infamous “Extreme 19th.”

Next-level Challenge

So what is it about the South African course that makes it “extreme”?

You can only access it by helicopter, and you must wait over 20 seconds for your ball to land after hitting your tee shot. Next, you have to take into consideration the dimensions of the hole. The shape of the green resembles the continent of Africa which is a mammoth 400 meters high and 395 yards long.

Game-changing Balls

Scoring this hole may be challenging, but there is one way recreational golfers can nail this one. Using Polara’s self correcting golf balls will reduce slices and hooks and improve the distance. If you’re game for an extreme golf challenge and lose balls in the process, it’s definitely worth the shot.

Extreme Golf Adventure

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