Mission Hills Tour December 2011

In December we arrived back from our tour to China/Macau & Hong Kong and as per previous years it is the surprise packet of our tours.

We started at Mission Hills and played the Nick Faldo designed course, which is my personal favourite, we then played the Greg Norman course, which is one of the hardest courses I have ever played! We finished the Mission Hills part off with the Olazabal course. For those who don’t know, Mission Hills has 12 golf courses all designed by famous golf names. It is spread over 2 facilities and offers a paradise for golf nuts. All the courses have a different feel to them and offer different challenges. Throw in the usual spa, gym and restaurants and you have a pretty good holiday!

It is a funny place – caddies ride on the back of the carts and do almost everything! Give you advice on course management, read putts, pick the ball out of the hole for you and even clean your balls!

I can still hear them saying in their strong Chinese accents …” Goooood shhhhot!”

So after 3 nights we move to Macau – the Vegas of Asia… this place is awesome, we stayed at the 5 star Grand Hyatt and played golf at Caesars Golf course. This place really is like Vegas.

After a couple of nights there we took the fast ferry to HK, where we spent a day at Shar Tin Racetrack for their biggest race day. We also played at one of the best courses I have ever played at…The Hong Kong Jockey Club East course! This is on an island and requires a nice ferry ride to the place. Hong Kong is a great place for shopping, food and nightlife, every night it is lively and offers everyone the opportunity for fun!

This is a great trip and I love doing it with a group like we had!

To check out some pictures from the tour click here.

Happy golfing!


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