Interested in Watching the 2017 US Masters Live? Book Now

It is said that golf is a ‘rich man’s sport. This is mainly because it requires a lot of time to play and expensive equipment, not to mention the need for a caddy to carry the clubs around. However, most people are not aware that professional golfers put in a lot of effort in their game and exercising the body just to be able to stay fit, especially in tournaments. This is what makes golf a very fascinating sport to follow.

If you want to witness these pro golfers play, the US golf masters is the perfect venue. Unfortunately, if you are a fan living in Australia, you’ll most likely watch the sport on television. However, even if you watch every game until the championship ends, you can never experience the true atmosphere of the competition until you you’re actually there in person.

This is why US masters golf packages are now becoming popular. For people who want to grab a chance of a lifetime by watching the 2017 US masters, it is definitely possible thanks to the good guys at Teed Up Golf Tours.

In case you’re not yet convinced that this local business can help make your dreams come true, here are some of its credentials:

  • Experience – Teed Up has years of experience in organising US masters golf tours. Since 1999, this business has brought thousands of clients and guests to golf tournaments all over the globe.
  • Wide range of golf tour choices – Depending on the time of the year, Teed Up can offer up to 40 golf destinations and vacations each year. Aside from the US masters 2017, Teed Up also covers the British Open and other golf tournaments.
  • Partnerships and connections – Because of the good reputation it has built through the years, Teed Up has already forged some tightly-knit connections with suppliers, hotels and even airline companies.
  • Custom-made options – In case you and your buddies want to go on a masters golf tour, Teed Up can also prepare a special, custom package just for you.

Are you still planning to pursue your 2017 US Masters golf tour? If so, you better call Teed Up Golf Tours at (02) 8458 9000 and book right away. Its trained customer representatives are more than willing to answer all of your inquiries.

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