Inside the Finest and Most Exclusive Golf Course in the World, The Augusta National

Every avid golfer’s Mecca, the Augusta National Golf Club is arguably America’s best golf course.

The course was founded by the great amateur golfer Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, an investment banker. Jones enlisted the British architect, Dr. Alister MacKenzie, to create a tribute to the most famous course in the world—the Old Course at St. Andrews. This admiration turned out to be their inspiration to create a similar course, packed with strategic holes to challenge the greatest golf players in the world.

The brilliant design of MacKenzie and Jones materialised in 1932, as they successfully turned a 365-acre Fruitland nursery site into one of the greatest golf courses in the world. Once their masterpiece was completed in January 1933, they looked to host a golf tournament and the Masters was born a year later. Today, Augusta National continues to pride itself as the host location for the annual US Masters where top golfers are invited for a chance to win the US Masters and wear the coveted Green Jacket.

From within the confines of the course, everything is immaculate; the grasses are trimmed, fallen leaves are raked up and every pine needle is swept away. The synchronised mowing of the fairways is often referred to as “mower ballet” as seen here: Mower Ballet at Augusta National .

It also boasts a unique landscape that consists of a wide variety of plants, creating the inspiration for each hole on the course to be named after the trees and plants located on the property such as Pink Dogwood, Golden Bell, Magnolia, and Azalea. Some of its trees even pre-date back during the civil war, most notably “The Big Oak Tree,” the trees at Magnolia Lane, and one of the most iconic and famous trees in golf—the Eisenhower Tree, which was removed after extensive storm damage in 2014.

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