Enjoy the Best of Aiken at the 2021 US Masters

Now that our 2021 US Masters tour package is available, why not discover for yourself what makes Aiken, South Carolina the “Best Small Town in the South”, which is why Teed Up chose to stay there as our base for our US Masters tours.

Aiken was founded in 1835 and named in honour of William Aiken, a railroad magnate that constructed a rail line from Charleston to the Savannah River. In the late 19th century, Aiken became the winter destination of the famous and affluent from the northeastern states including those with the names Astor, Vanderbilt, and Rockefeller.

Today, Aiken is a well-known tourist attraction–thanks to its rich historic culture and vast outdoor recreational activities. There are over 30 historic homes to be found here and other noteworthy sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places that are worth visiting.

Aiken is also known as the “Polo Capital of the South” and in this equine-loving town horses even have Right-Of-Way and a stoplight built with buttons at rider-level.

The Aiken Train Museum is a must-visit place, as it houses nine dioramas that portray the town during its early years. It also includes the South Carolina Canal and other attractive displays to show the railroad history of Aiken.

For adventure seekers, Aiken boasts 2,100 forestlands called the Hitchcock Woods. Tourists can explore this large urban forest by foot or by a horse while enjoying the scenic view of ponds and streams along the way.

During the US Masters week, Aiken is abuzz with activities as golf enthusiasts from around the world choose Aiken as their preferred place to stay due to its proximity to the Augusta National golf course. It’s only a short 30-minute drive.

For daytime options, Aiken has community theaters to visit, farmers markets to browse, and antique retailers to shop from. And at night, tourists can indulge in craft cocktails with live music while mingling with fellow US Masters tour guests or with the locals.

There are many options for golfers and travellers alike. There’s something for everyone in Aiken. With our 2021 US Masters tour, you’ll also get to experience the breathtaking natural wonders of Aiken and immerse in its unique culture and historical attractions. And if you’re curious about the best dining options in Aiken that serve Sydney & Melbourne-standard coffee, then click here.

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