British Open Golf Tour Facts

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If you are travelling to watch The British Open Golf tournament then you may want to brush up on your facts. Here is some trivia you can share with others when you are on your golf holiday.


Facts about the British Open Golf Tour 

1. The British Open golf Trophy is called The Claret Jug – it was not the original championship trophy. The original prize was a ‘Belt’.
2. The first British Open Golf tournament was held in Prestwick in 1860.
3. Greg Norman in 1993 shot the lowest final round to win the Championship.
4. St Andrews has hosted The British Open Golf Tournament the most with 24 meetings
5. The youngest champion was Tommy Morris Junior in 1868, aged 17
6. St Andrews has the longest hole any Open Course – 14th in 2010 which was 565 metres
7. Harry Vardon has won the most championships  – 6

When you are travelling for your next golf tour to the British Open, you can now say you have a few conversation starters with other golf enthusiasts. 

  • By : michael-mosher