Ask the Expert: The Best Dining Options for the 2021 US Masters

The US Masters, as one of the four major championships in professional golf, is one of the world’s most prestigious golfing tournaments. It’s also the most historic one given its start in 1934.

Our Director of Golf, Michael (Mike) Mosher, has been to the US Masters tournament every year for the past 21 years, with the 2021 US Masters as his 22nd trip to the 84th edition of the championship. He has more than 20 years of golfing experience and has been rated as an AAA golf professional for the last 16 years. He’s also a multi-awarded PGA Golf Professional playing not only throughout Oceania and Asia, but also in North America, specifically Canada.

With seven nights in Aiken, South Carolina, at the 2021 US Masters tour, we asked Mike to take us behind the scenes and talk about his dining experience during a US Masters tour. We’re curious about what Mike has to say about Aiken and his reasons for his standout dining choices listed in order below:


Without a doubt, my favourite restaurant in Aiken is Malia’s! It’s owned by a great bloke, an Englishman, whose menu is interesting and serves really tasty dishes. The atmosphere here is excellent, and the staff is superb. It also has a small bar, which is always busy. Malia’s is crazy busy during the US Masters, so if our tour guests are interested in going, we make table reservations early.

Whiskey Alley

A somewhat new casual restaurant with an impressive outdoor area. Its delicious tapas platters are perfect for sharing, and it has a fantastic selection of whiskey, as one would expect from a restaurant with ‘whiskey’ in its name. Located in Aiken’s famous alley, Whiskey Alley is a sure bet for its great atmosphere.

The restaurant at The Willcox

The Willcox Hotel is classy and upmarket, so even though there isn’t a strict dress code, it’s still a good idea to dress to impress here. This restaurant is also the only place in Aiken that has Sydney-standard coffee!

Casa Bella

Located just across from the Alley, Casa Bella is a quirky establishment located in a Victorian house full of Southern charm. Its delicious meals also attract a lot of patrons so it can get jam-packed! It’s worth a visit during US Masters week.

Aiken is loaded with numerous dining options that are Sydney-standard, and they’re all within walking distance of each other. Exceptional bars, such as Tailgate Tavern and The Brew Pub, also give prospective visitors another reason to consider Aiken as the place to stay during US Masters week. The town comes alive with the excitement of the US Masters, which can be felt everywhere, and there’s music all week in The Alley.

Join us at the 2021 US Masters and experience everything Aiken has to offer, especially its highly recommended restaurants and bars. As the place to be at the time of the US Masters tournament, Aiken has what it takes to impress golfers and travellers alike. The 2021 US Masters tour may sell out soon, so learn more here and reserve your spot.

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