5 Tips for Travelling With Golf Clubs

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As our 2011 British Open Tour kicks off tomorrow we thought that we’d share our 5 top tips for travelling with your precious golf equipment.

  • The best way to protect your clubs is by packing them in a quality golf travel bag. There are three general varieties of travel cases: the hard, the soft, and the hybrid (which incorporates elements of the hard and the soft). Each bag naturally varies in cost and effectiveness, so it’s up to you to do your homework and find a happy balance between these two important factors.
  • Inside your golf bag: Make sure that your woods have head covers – you don’t want to be unpacking damaged clubs because they were bumping into each other on a bumpy flight. Try stuffing some clothing between your clubs for added protection.  Also, buy a timber stake a little longer than your driver and add it to your golf bag (pack golf towels or other clothes over and around it), this will prevent any shaft from breaking.
  • Outside your golf bag: Clearly label your bag on all sides with your name and address to ensure it can be identified, just in case!
  • Declaring: All golfers need to consider any residue of grass or dirt left on your gear and shoes when going through customs. It is a good idea to ensure you thoroughly clean all equipment before leaving for your trip, as well as on your way home (bring simple cleaning stuff with you!) so as to avoid the trouble of declaring. Australian Customs agents will thoroughly check all your gear for any traces of foreign material that is entering the country, even if it is sand or dirt.
  • Don’t forget: (at least) 2 pairs of golf shoes, a rain coat, several golf gloves and jackets/jumpers/windcheaters to protect you from weather likely 10 degrees cooler than you expect!

And as a side note….

Be sure to check all specific airline requirements for travelling with golf gear, as each airline often has a different way of handling precious luggage. It is crucial for you to know this information before you arrive at the airport.

Happy travelling!


  • By : michael-mosher