Golf Holidays in Western Australia


About the Region:

Perth boasts more sunny days per year than any other Australian capital city making it an ideal golfing holiday destination. Golfers will be spellbound by the superb golf available in the sunny state of Western Australia, ranging from world-renowned resort courses to lush public layouts and breathtaking scenery making Perth a premier golfing destination.


Golf Holiday Packages

We have golf holiday packages to suit most lifestyles and budgets:

  • WA Golf Holiday Package Tour 7 nights 7 games
  • Perth 2 nights 3 games
  • Novotel Golf Holiday Package: 2 Nights, 2 Games


Golf Courses

Western Australia serves up a myriad of wonderfully interesting golf courses that makes it one of the worlds top golf holiday destinations. Inhabited with a treasure trove of spectacular sights and attractions, some of which have hardly seen a footprint on them, a Western Australian golf holiday is sure to make you want to come back for more.


Be sure to include Joondalup golf course which ranked #19 on the Australian Golf Digest’s top 100, and Kennedy Bay closely following at #20!


Golf Holiday Activities

A golf holiday experience that will have you under its spell. Awesome natural beauty under never-ending horizons, blue skies, abundant wildlife and a city on the edge of a vast desert. Its attractions will truly amaze and make your golf holiday unforgettable. Blessed with the sunniest of skies and warm temperatures, Western Australia’s leisure activities centre on the outdoors and its magnificent natural landscape. Whether it’s an active holiday you’re seeking or a more quiet repose, Western Australia offers an exhilarating range of holiday leisure activities. Some of these are:

Shark Bay
A World Heritage area of extraordinary coastal landforms, many bays and inlets and a remarkable array of wildlife;

Margaret River
World famous wineries, local craft shops, galleries, boutique cheeses, chocolate, olive, fudge and ice cream factories;

Snorkelling or Scuba Diving At Coral Bay to see the breathtaking underwater coral gardens and some amazing marine life;